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Posted on Feb 16, 2023
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For me, with a fairly weak functioning thyroid (per the "normal" lab standard ranges), and thyroid-related issues all my life, without ever any doctor saying, hey, maybe it's your thyroid that's creating all these reproductive and adrenal issues, when I eventually got diagnosed with Hashimoto's, I did not want to take the true thyroid hormones. I still don't. I want to manage it easily, bring it back into balance naturally, slowly, without further stressing my thyroid and adrenals and reproductive system out. And I have managed to reduce by half all the antibody markers, in 3 months, with zinc and selenium. But when I started taking this, my body started experiencing things it never did before, like my insides started to come alive! This little pill, quite strong for someone like me, even with all the hormonal imbalances, hashimoto's, and fertility issues, the ingredient in this pill is like a hard-reset, giving me years of fertility back, as it re-energized my entire hormonal panel, including adrenals. I am not taking it every day because I forget, and can tell you that I feel the difference when I don't. Even my mood is more balanced the next day! Plus, I take it in the evening, before bed, and I sleep better, too! I don't know what else to tell you but there's kind of a lot of huge benefits from this one little, yet mighty, pill. And total DISCLAIMER!!! I'm not a doctor, I am not telling you that this will work for you as it does for me. I am not encouraging you to take this, or to take this instead of your thyroid hormones, or instead of your anti-depressants, or your sleep/relaxation pills. I inform myself, I read, I do research (the scientific publications kind), I read nutrition books, and I am very interested in functional medicine as I believe that the entire body works together, including our brain and mental health, and our modern medical system that keeps obsessing with looking at each "system" individually seems antiquated and barbaric. My sincere advice to y'all is to find yourself a Functional Medicine Doctor, sometimes known as an Integrative Medicine Doctor, and have them look at your body, your WHOLE BODY and MIND, your symptoms in the larger perspective of your entire being, stress included. Go from there :-) Best of luck and best of health to y'all!