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Posted on Aug 29, 2022

Feel like flying

I had a few other forms of B3 over the years but this one gives unbelievable energy. It tasted a little weird at the beginning, almost got afraid I could vomit the precious gem but after about 3 days, the reaction calmed and I don't feel like making an effort to take it anymore, it is small size and it dissolves sooner than I get bored of it. About one hour after taking it, my movement is like I don't have a body anymore to drag after myself, heavy like I feel I had for many years. The niacin flush is different than from nicotinic acid, no blush, longer time, just feeling the blood going much deeper than the niacin could push it, especially at the head and feet it feels a cooling release and a big cloud gets off me. It had the same effect each day and was not decreased after a while, which I like and I wonder for how long it will work so well. I take a few other things also and I can say the serrapeptase potency feels doubled when taking NADH, the inflammation really decided it is not welcomed in my body, internally, not only the surface puffy bags which come back after other things I tried over the years. Probably to keep the body really working, it must be given a serious amount of energy to be able to deal with whatever comes, often the root issues can not be fixed all at once but the body still has to keep going, spending too much of its energy just to cope with the problems and be at the limit. This is one quality fuel to help my metabolism, I am glad I did dare to pay the high price but it is worth flying instead of crawling in life.
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